Advance Web Marketing

Fastest results, Greatest return.

Advance Web Marketing

Introductory consult and interview

R1950 + vat.

Strategy session

between R3550 and R13500 + vat.

Custom plan including a roll out calendar

from R6850 + vat.


For an extremely advance and aggressive campaign where a client wishes to dominate the web for either their business or a service, we outsource services to an industry leader and specialist. This products ensures the fastest results with the greatest return.

The general service will include:

  • Introductory consult and interview of specialist with business.
  • A strategy session.
  • Custom plan including a roll out calendar for the first 6 months. This includes an explanation of support and details and quote of related services required to implement the campaign.


  • Our office only takes on one client per industry sector at a time to avoid conflict of interest.
  • Not every business will be accepted for Advance Web Marketing Products and an Introductory consult and interview is compulsory.
  • A strategy session can range between 2 and 8 hours.
  • Custom plan including a roll out calendar designed by the specialist.
  • Support services required to implement the campaign are quoted on separately and up the client to accept or not.
  • Should a client require further services and support we can quote on request.


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